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Since 2005, GEI has grown a small utilities and excavation company to provide services such as commercial construction, selective and total structure demolition, design-build project delivery, renovation, carpentry, concrete work, asphalt paving, certified epoxy liner installation, and more. In the course of expanding our abilities, we have repaired city sewer lines, demolished buildings in remote locations, erected structural steel and pre-engineered metal buildings, constructed complex waffle-slab foundation all with a high standard of quality. GEI has thrived these years because of the collaborative network we have created among subcontractors of all disciplines—beyond city-, county-, and state-lines. The experience in forging these connections has provided GEI the discerning eye to identify those subcontractors capable of performing to GEI’s standard of quality and service.


GEI has done design-build and design-bid-build contracts for large warehouse spaces. Beyond these types of contract, GEI has also done renovation and building repair.


 Located near multiple government agencies, GEI has had the fortune to experience many projects requiring epoxy, specialty concrete, and unique weatherproofing and waterproofing.


Working on sewers, water mains and commercial utilities, GEI has worked on projects requiring civil repair and building tie-ins allowing us to learn about sewers piping and concrete. 


Geranios Enterprises has done whole building demolition and debris removal. Through the course of this removal, we’ve learned to handle hazardous waste and specialty demolition.


Linda geranios

woman in a backhoe

Nick Geranios


James Ramsey

Project Manager

Rick Reardon

project manager

Andreas Geranios


for more information about our staff and our capabilities, email us at info@g-e-inc.com. 


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